Positive Injection Pump

    Inject aerosol into positively pressured ducts


    •  Cleanroom Certification
    • Tracer Gas Testing
    • Pharmaceutical/Nuclear Cleanroom Testing

   Key features & benefits

    • Provides the force needed to inject aerosol into positively-pressured ducts
    • Powerful enough to provide enhanced mixing by injecting aerosol across or against normal airflow
    • Easily connect to Sparge Pipes or Aerosol Splitters


Improves the testing of clean air cabinets, Safety Cabinets, Isolators, and any installed HEPA filter where the distance between the point of aerosol injection and the filter is short, and upstream challenge measurement shows poor mixing.

  • Deliver evenly-mixed challenge aerosols less than 1 meter (3ft) from the filter face.
  • Extensive kit includes 20 pipes with up to 5 different lengths, single and double drilled providing extreme flexibility


  • Isolators
  • Clean Air Cabinets
  • Biosafety Cabinets
  • HEPA Filter Testing

Key Features & Benefits

  • Delivers evenly mixed aerosol challenge less than 1m from filter face

Aerosol Diluter

Dilutes aerosol to measurable levels for particle counters.

Installed between the aerosol source and a particle counter, diluters minimize pressure drop and aerosol loss while preventing saturation of the particle counter.

  • Compatible with any 1 cfm particle counter
  • Minimizes pressure drops and aerosol loss
  • Available in 10:1 and 100:1 dilution ratio configurations
  • Can be plumbed in series for alternate dilution configurations
  • Ideal for isolators, mask fittings and installation with low airflows
  • Works with any type of aerosol challenge, including PSL, PAO, DOP, and NaCl.


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Facilities & Cleanrooms

Key Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with any 1 cfm particle counter
  • Can be plumbed in series for alternate dilution configurations