The Air Flow Pattern Visualization Testing platform builds on decades of DegreeC airflow engineering and measurement expertise in rendering visible the flow paths and ambient patterns of air. With the DegreeC portfolio of sanitary, FDA-GRAS fog generators and accessories, certifiers, pharmacy managers, engineers, and HVAC technicians can detect leaks, test HEPA filters, and monitor turbulence in ventilation systems with greater safety and precision than toxic alternatives such as smoke sticks.

C Breeze Air Flow Pattern Visualization Fog Generator

The °C Breeze Fog generator is used for air flow pattern visualization testing. It uses low impulse, thermally neutral fog. This handheld device allows mobility in large areas or remote locations where a direct connection to power is not practical. The micro-sized particles provide excellent air flow visibility without premature settling or dispersion. The supplied nozzle extension tube allows precise fog delivery into small spaces.

Additional Nozzle Accessories Available
  • MiniFlow Nozzle (for finer fog stream and throttling effect)
  • PlanarFlow Nozzle (longer nozzle with perforations for planar flow visualization)
  • FlowBulb Nozzle (media filter for enhanced flow visualization in low velocity applications)
Are You NSF 19/ANSI Compliant?
Perfect for air flow pattern visualization testing in clean rooms and clean environment containment validation, the °C Breeze uses FDA-GRAS approved, non-depositing oilless and smoke-free fog fluid.
  • Easy-to-use, battery operated, handheld portable fogging device
  • Neutral density, nontoxic fog, traces airflow profiles
  • High opacity and long visual latency to meet your application needs
  • Uses FDA GRAS approved, non-depositing, oilless and smoke-free fog fluid (residence time of 30-60s)
  • Useful for overhead or under floor applications, as well as lab and cleanroom testing (ISO 14644)
  • Starts in seconds, no warm-up delay
  • Switch options include constant-on or toggle on/off fog delivery
  • Switch option for high/low fog operation
  • Includes battery charger with illuminating LED charge indicator
  • °C Breeze Instrument Weight: 2.7 kg [6 lbs]
  • °C Breeze Dimensions: 227 mm x 66 mm x 81 mm [8.9” x 2.6” x 3.2”] 
  • Battery (Supplied): 12 VDC / 2.3Ah
  • Fog Fluid Reservoir Capacity: 110 mL [3.7 oz]
  • Fog Fluid Composition: Propylene Glycol – FDA GRAS
  • Fog Composition: Condensed moisture vapor
  • Fog Particle Size (mean diameter): 0.2 – 0.3 μm
Package details
  • °C Breeze Visualization Instrument
  • Locking Carrying Case with Keys
  • Nozzle Extension Tube, 225 mm [9”]
  • 500 ml [17 oz] Fluid Bottle
  • 12 VDC Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)[upon request]
FlowMarker Air Flow Pattern Visualization Fog Generator

The FlowMarker™ is a portable, lightweight fogger for air flow patter visualization testing. Generating fog at ambient temperature, the FlowMarker™ does not serve as a heat source and does not cause air to rise, but its fog follows the natural undisturbed movements of air. Unlike traditional smoke sticks, the FlowMarker™ fog is nontoxic, germ-free, and does not promote growth of organisms.

Tamper Proof
Only certified pure FlowMarker™ fluid can be used for refill, providing assurance of contamination-free testing.
Hydra System
FM-Hydra Tube© System extends application range with a 5m hose nozzle
  • More accurate airflow evaluation
    Detect and “mark” air currents, without creating disturbances.
  • Fast
    Visualize turbulence, directionality, and potential dead spots with the touch of a button.
  • Eliminates risk of contamination
    Fog is non-toxic, bacteria-free, and breaks down completely into carbon dioxide and water.
  • User-friendly
    Lightweight, small, and portable design allows operation in places that are awkward or hard to reach.
  • Proven
    Successfully used in a wide range of demanding applications, including pharmaceutical development, electronics cooling, room ventilation, animal cage environments, clean rooms, and wind tunnels.
  • Tamper Proof
    Only certified pure FlowMarker™ fluid can be used for refill, providing assurance of contamination-free testing.
  • From the Airflow Experts
    Used in conjunction with degreeC’s precision air velocity sensors, the UAS-series, the Flowmarker II™ is a perfect companion tool to visualize the flow profiles under study.
  • Flowmarker II™ Instrument Weight: 2.5 kg [5.5 lbs]
  • Flowmarker II™ Dimensions: 210 mm x 90 mm x 135 mm [8.3” x 3.6” x 5.3”] 
  • Battery (Supplied): 12 VDC / 2Ah Pb rechargeable
  • Battery Charging Time: 14 hours
  • Fog Fluid Capacity: 16 mL [0.54 oz]
  • Fog Fluid Composition: Propylene Glycol – FDA GRAS
  • Fluid Consumption: 
    • 0.7 mL/min [0.02 oz/min]
    • Operates 20 minutes continuously with full fluid reservoir
    • 420 cycles, 3 seconds each
    • Auto power-off after 4 minutes without activity
  • Warm-Up Time: 20 seconds
Package details
The Flowmarker II™ comes in its own transport case and contains:
  • Flowmarker II™ Device
  • Application Tube
  • Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery 12V DC
  • Battery Charger (International)
  • Tool for Removing the Condensate Rings
  • 5x Pieces of the Condensate Ring (large)
  • 5x Pieces of the Condensate Ring (small)
  • 1x Aerosol can of FlowMarker-Fog Fluid
  • Instruction Sheets: Repair & Tank Overfilling
  • MSDS Data Sheet