Bag In Bag Out Housing

Safe change filter housings are mainly used in the exhaust air in biosafety laboratories, hospitals and applications where contamination-free filter change is required.

Camfil offer solutions for all safety demand levels, from low risk applications to high risk biosafety labs, BSL4. Safety housing is mainly used in highly sensitive applications where people, animals or the environment risk the danger of highly infectious microorganisms or viruses.

After use the filters often contains harmful contaminations. The filter change is safe for the worker since the housings are equipped with the bag in bag out (BIBO) filter change system.


The gastight welded filter housing can be used for air filtration of radioactive, toxic or biological particles and gases in highly sensitive application.

The filter housings have been designed to meet the highest safety demands, used in applications where people, animals or the environment are endangered by highly infectious microorganisms. High safety demands apply to all situations in which toxic, radioactive or bacterial substances must be isolated, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, with the use of biotechnical equipment as well as in BSL 3-4 laboratories and nuclear power engineering. To ensure a complete documentation of your air filtration, most notably in highly sensitive areas, the CamContain housing can be supplied with an integrated scanner. The HEPA filter can be tested on-site for separation efficiency and any leaks, and the results professionally documented. For applications in which dangerous microorganisms must be filtered out (BSL 3-4), the housing can be equipped with connections and devices for safe decontamination. What is more, the maintenance bag replacement technology guarantees additional safety for the operator. The CamContain housings made of stainless steel are gas-tight welded, torsion-resistant and compliant with the highest tightness requirements, which are also commonly used in nuclear power plant engineering.

  • Integrated filter scanning technology
  • Especially secure filter clamping technology
  • Innovative filter insertion device
  • Safe decontamination concept


The Camfil safe change filter housing system, CamSafe, is for use wherever containment and operator safety is essential.

Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Safety laboratories, Industries (chemical), Biotech, Biosafety, Animal facilities.

  • Modularity and Flexibility
  • High security guarantee: class 3 ISO10648-2 at +/- 6000Pa
  • Filter clamping “Twice the Security” (patented)
  • High operator protection by BIBO
  • Fully welded


The filter housing is for the removal of hazardous dust and gas in laboratories, radiology departments and isolation wards.

CamBox is designed for full- and half-size module compact filters box type such as Absolute HEPA filters. The circular connections are available either with or without flange. The CamBox is available in two versions, one with safe change bag (BIBO- bag in bag out) for contamination-free filter change and one without.
The filter change is quick and easy thanks to the smart design of the housing. The knobs holding the hatch are hanged on four rods which are mounted on the housing. This means that there is no risk of losing the knobs while changing the filter.

The filter housing has been tested and qualified in our laboratory. The global and local leak have been checked under positive and negative pressure of 1000 Pa. The CamBox achieves class 3 according to ISO 10648

  • Simple filter installation
  • Available with safe change bag for contact-free filter
  • change
  • Available for different types of filters and sizes
  • Available with screw or hinged inspection hatch
  • Available in full or half-size module