Camfil particulate air cleaners are primarily focused on the removal of pollution particles from the air we breathe. These units can be upgraded with molecular filtration to help with odour removal.

Particulate air cleaners are used in hospitals, food and beverage facilities and warehouse environments to help protect their people, products and processes. In hospitals, Camfil particulate air cleaners are a perfect fit for aspergillus prevention works and patient facility upgrades. In food and beverage facilities particulate air cleaners are used to improve product shelf life by reducing the number of contaminants in the air, as well as improving production environments from medium care to high care. This is a key function to your quality, health and safety departments. In warehouses, particulate air cleaners are the ideal solution to help protect employee health from nuisance dust and fumes as well as protecting automated scanning lines from dust build up. Protecting product quality is key to customer satisfaction, Camfil air cleaners can stop excess dust from settling on your product to give your customer dust free products.

CC6000 Air Cleaner


  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Clean products, fewer operational
  • Reduces the average temperature in rooms with high ceilings
  • Healthier employees
  • Less cleaning
  • Eliminates tobacco smoke, weld smoke, construction dust, asbestos and particles of all sizes down to ultrafine.

Air purifier for dusty environments and large indoor premises such pharmaceutical facilities, food factories, heavy industry, paper mills, welding workshops, timber facilities, bakeries, packaging production, printing facilities, stables, processing industry, supermarkets and other specialist applications such as upgrading of clean room environments and other classified assembly

Power supply: 3-phase 380-480V or 1-phase 230V
Filter: F7, E11-H13
Fan: EC fan with adjustable airflow and ModBus connection
Capacity: 0 – 6000 m³/h
Connection: 4 standard round (diameter 315mm) or 2 standard round (diameter 315mm) and 2 round (diameter 250mm) with sound reduction
Installation: Mobile or stationary, floor, wall or ceiling mounting (with wire or suspension arms)