Weather Louvres

Weather louvres are installed in the air intake on the building facade and protect the HVAC system against rain and leaves.

At Camfil, we have developed effective weather protection that filters out the water – before it reaches the air filter in the air handling unit (AHU). It is a specially developed intake grille that captures the water droplets and drains them away, with up to 100% efficiency.


The CamVane is made of specially designed profiles which effectively capture the water droplets from the air stream.

The CamVane family consists of louvres with and without heating cable.
The version with the heating cable (-HC) is used where temperature can drop to below zero. Blocked air intake by snow and ice result in high energy consumption which is prevented by the solution with the heating cable. The CamVane is produced in aluminum or stainless steel which gives a good corrosion protection.
The louvres are made in customer specified sizes, are easy to install and maintain low pressure drop and low noise level.

  • Very good water separation efficiency
  • Weather resistant material
  • Made in customized sizes