Your business demands precision airflow control for critical spaces. It is a matter of safety, pure and simple. Safety for world-class research laboratories. Safety for collaboration in the world of emerging sciences. Safety for patients and staff in state-of-the-art hospitals. For your critical room control system needs, Phoenix Controls is simply the best in the business.

For more than 25 years, the name Phoenix Controls has meant peace of mind for thousands of corporations around the globe. Our customers know the quality and reliability of the Phoenix Controls venturi valve and control system is second to none. Yes, we know safety is the primary reason our customers choose us. But today, there are even more reasons to design our valves into projects. Our innovative airflow control solutions​ provide new ways to save energy and reduce the cost of maintaining HVAC systems.

As building airflow control systems become more complex, their maintenance costs rise. Phoenix Controls delivers the value of an energy efficient critical room control system that requires virtually no maintenance for the entire life of the building.


Phoenix Controls offers solutions for all critical airflow applications whether it’s research in wet chemistry laboratories, the multi-discipline environments of Life Sciences, or the wide-range of healthcare spaces requiring proper directional airflow. While these markets and applications may differ, they all share the requirement of maintaining proper pressurization of spaces.

Front End Software

Phoenix Controls new user interface software presents both real-time and historical data from our airflow control solutions in a simple dashboard format. A complete laboratory control system front end, integration to your building management system only entails creating a bookmark and going to a web page. That’s it.

BAS Integration

While ensuring your critical spaces are safe, Phoenix Control’s laboratory and healthcare airflow control systems can also provide important data to help facility owners reduce energy costs, ensure compliance to industry standards and quickly troubleshoot equipment issues. Phoenix Controls offer multiple solutions to view this information, from elegant room-level monitors to building-wide dashboard products that provide analysis of real-time data.Phoenix Controls also offers critical space integration solutions that provide a cost effective path to getting the data required into your building management system (BMS).

Fume Hood Controls

A key component of the research laboratory is the fume hood. These devices have evolved over the years and can be purchased in an almost infinite number of configurations from the constant volume variety, to the state-of-the-art multiple combination sash style.

Valve Controllers

Phoenix Controls valve mounted controllers provide all the I/O and precision airflow control schemes where directional airflow is important.

Valve Upgrade Kits

Your existing Phoenix Controls systems have served you well, and with an upgrade, it will meet the new technology demands that your facility needs today. We recognize that with a slow economy, and limits on capital funding, many Universities and Pharmaceutical research facilities are demanding more from their existing control systems. Upgrading the legacy controllers will save you energy, reduce operating costs and provide the readiness to support advanced control schemes (Celeris® 2 controllers).

Space Sensors and Monitors

While Phoenix specializes in airflow controls, overall environmental integrity also requires tight temperature, humidity and air quality control and monitoring. We provide high quality sensors and monitors in all these areas in order to produce a comprehensive environmental control solution. In addition, we provide space pressurization monitors to verify the reliability of the airflow control solutions.