2i, 2i-N Photometer

The most advanced, innovative and user friendly digital aerosol photometer available today, the 2i Digital Photometer is portable, yet rugged, and the ideal instrument for in-situ filtration system integrity testing. The iProbe, a handheld scanner with local LCD display and controls, enables the operator to change settings without stopping to adjust the base unit, minimizing downtime.


  • Independent Filter Certifiers
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Facilities & Cleanrooms
  • Bio-Safety Cabinets & Fume Hoods

Key features & benefits

  • Lightweight, portable and rugged digital photometer
  • Large 4.3″ LCD screen to display critical information
  • iProbe (optional) with 12 ft cable for hard to reach areas minimizes downtime
  • User settable aerosol noise suppression for more stable aerosol measurements
  • Printer (optional) available for reporting
  • 2i-N models include a sealed sample train, allowing for the safe removal and replacement of contaminated sampling components
  • 2i-N models are compatible with ASME N511, ASME 510, ASME 509 & ASME AG-1

Innovative User Interface

The 2i base instrument’s 4.3” LCD gives life to the easy to use, menu driven interface. Aerosol measurements and pump sampling rates are prominently displayed for easy viewing. System parameters and selections such as alarm types, alarm set points and aerosol reagent are shown on the lower menu bar, while icons at the top of the screen give the status of connected peripherals, reporting functions, and aerosol noise suppression selections.

Data Reporting

Three unique report functions are now available with the 2i through the USB or optional thermal printer interface. Continuous mode offers the same output as ATI’s legacy photometers to ensure backward compatibility. Monitoring mode provides the ability to collect data at user defined intervals for long term sampling. Summary mode, which gives discrete reporting capability for individual filter locations, can output to the thermal printer to meet customer documentation requirements.


The iProbe with a 12ft cable acts as an extension of the base instrument through a nearly identical user interface. All status and selection icons from the base unit are represented on the iProbe. With the press of a button, the sampling location can be remotely selected and switched by way of an electronically controlled valving system.