Media Rolls

Pre Filter Media G4 – Non Woven Synthetic

ALPA offers high quality pre-filter media in G2, G3 and G4 efficiency grades for Automotive paint booth pre-filtration as well as HVAC pre-filtration to remove coarse dust particles from the air stream. The GS model pre-filter media is high lofted and rigid in nature and offers high dust holding properties and low pressure drops. HVAC applications include FCU, Packaged units, AH Us and other air intake systems.

Glass Fibre Media G3

ALPA offers high lofted glass fiber filter media to collect the over spray paint and powder particles. Thanks to its high dust holding capability. These filter medias offers very low pressure drop and are available in Rolls , Cut-to size pads or Framed Filters

Ceiling Filter Media F5

ALPA offers the best quality Ceiling filter media for automotive paint spray booths and powder coating and other surface treatment lines. These filter Medias are made up of non-woven Polyester fibers with scrim backing and fully impregnated to hold the dust particles to the full depth of the media. Thanks to its high dust holding capacity and low pressure drops. These media are available in Rolls or Cut to Size Pads or fully framed filters. Ceiling Filter media is available in F5 as well as F6 efficiency grades as per EN779 Standard.